About Us

Happy Group feel very fortunate to be allowed into young people’s lives and share their life journey’s. We recognise that our children and young people have often had difficult experiences within their birth families and may have had more than one set of carers since becoming looked after, with whom they repeat the same experiences. They may not have experienced the close, loving relationships that enable children to feel secure and to grow and develop. They may find it hard to trust the carers around them, carers may be confused by the child’s behaviour, difficulties and be unsure how to respond.

Within our homes we offer planned care and a range of opportunities that take children and young people from 8 to 18. Our staff team are committed to providing a nurturing and supportive environment for children and young people to enable them to develop secure attachments. This in turn empowers our young people to identify and celebrate their sense of self as they become more secure and confident while developing social and life skills which will help them in their future adult lives.

Our Ethos

The ethos of the organisation is that young people are in charge and control of their own lives, the homes supports, guides and cares for them along their development. At Happy Group our staff work on the basis of a “good parent” providing structure, support, encouragement and guidance together with emotional warmth. They work as positive role models to children and young people and actively take part in all aspects of the child’s or young person’s life.

We at Happy Group our very innovative and unique in our thinking and will persevere in overcoming any barriers opposed to the progress and development of young people in our care. We train all of our staff team, known as Mentors, to work in a social pedagogic way.

Social pedagogy

Social pedagogy is an approach to caring for children, which combines education, care and emphasising that bringing up children is the shared responsibility of parents and society. A key principle is that the child is in charge of his, her or their own life, and the social pedagogue works alongside them rather than dictating to them.

Social pedagogy starts from the premise that building a relationship is a good thing, rather than looking at it in terms of the challenges it presents. A typical training model designed to address relationship issues is known as the “three Ps”. This involves Mentors looking at their life in three sections. The private self, which stays private; the personal self, which is areas they can share with young people, friends and family; and finally their professional self, which involves information about the information which they pass on. This helps Mentors to ensure that relationships can be warm and close, as well as professional.

Why Us

HGL children’s homes are designed specifically to be warm, comfortable and homely, ensuring the young people in our care feel safe and looked after. There is everything you’d expect to find in a modern day family home, coupled with the relevant modifications, this means we can provide the very best care to suit individual needs.

Trained Staff

Our staff are trained to the highest standards and posses all the relevant qualifications needed to perform their roles.


We have a collective wealth of knowledge across the business in providing care and support for young people.

Warm Homes

Cosy and modern homes suitably adapted to accommodate all that stay with us, making them feel comfortable and at home.


We believe strongly that a good education is the foundation of a successful and happy future. We take our responsibility very seriously.


Lisa B

The Dale

I am sending this message just to say that I am happy with the support the Dale is giving my son. I know he is not in a good place at the moment with everything going off in his head. I am grateful for the care homes understanding and support with this. I know he has a very good bond with you, which gives me a peace of mind. I have a very good bond with all staff at the Dale. Thank you for all your help and support.

A Parent

The Dale

A parent rang to inform us all that as of Tuesday, J is no longer a looked after child. It has gone to court and he is now in full care of Mum. Mum said, ‘she couldn’t of done it without the support of The Dale” and thanked us for all our hard work that we put in with J.


Head Teacher

Exceptionally supportive of school and what we needed E to do – it felt like we worked in partnership to get her the best outcomes without compromise.

Have Any Questions?

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