The Church is 3-bedroom bungalow situated in Thurmaston village. It is very much like the other houses in the area and is within a short distance from local amenities which young people have access to such as corner shops, supermarkets, shopping centre, leisure centres and other recreational and traditional amenities. The city centre is a short bus journey away with buses that run every so often making It convenient for local travel.

The home has been adapted with focusing on all young people as we want our setting to promote a family environment and comfort. The home provides an environment to suit  individual young persons own interests and likes. At The Church, there will be 2 young people who will live together, the environment we aim to create is based on life principles and ensuring they have an active role in their care.

The 16+ team at the church work closely with one another to ensure all communication is positive and effective. The team are trained and experienced to provide all aspects of care. When all young people come to The Church, it is paramount they have a voice in decorating their bedrooms with their own likes and interests. We always aim for any young person coming into our setting to feel comfortable as possible.

Weekly within the home, we aim to ensure that activities indoor and outdoor are promoted to all young people. There are opportunities for our young people to go on outings to city centres and trips. All our young people are given a choice to get involved and voice their opinions and interests. As 16+ is about promoting independence to adulthood and life skills, we also promote this through activities. For example, travel training on public transport, budgeting at supermarkets, leisure centres promoting a healthy lifestyle, internet access in the home looking at jobs/bidding on properties. We also celebrate all festivities in the home and promote cultural needs through activities.

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Roma Mall – Home Manager

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