The Flats are situated in the west end of Leicester, this consist of 3 contained flats and 1 staff support flat. The flats are within walking distance of the city centre and buses are local which run every so often making it convenient for travel around the city.

At the flats, we aim solely on ensuring to support young people onto the next step of their independence and managing their own property. We ensure that all young people have a voice on their likes and interests within decorating their property as we believe this plays an effective role in their care. There will be 3 young people at one time who reside within the flats, each young person having their own space and also develop a sense of individuality and life skills as they prepare to adulthood.

The team at the flats are experienced mentors with the skill set of transitioning young people from supported living to full independence and manging their own tenancy. We aim for all young people in our care to be in further education, apprenticeship, work etc. We work closely with other professionals to ensure all young people are provided with the right advice and guidance for when they leave care.

All our young people are encouraged to engage in activities within the local community, this allows young people to broaden a support network. As well as external activities, staff support young people in the home through weekly meetings and key work sessions where they can develop further life skills to ensure a successful transition.

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Roma Mall – Home Manager

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