The Kestrel is a semi-detached house situated in the area of Hamilton and is walking distance from a supermarket and other local amenities such as leisure centres and health agencies. The bus stop to get to the city centre is only a short walk away with buses that run locally throughout the day.

Our experienced and qualified staff provide bespoke care for young people wo have experienced trauma and may display challenging behaviours. As a company, we aim to reduce negative behaviours through building positive relationships and providing safe and consistent care. We follow the 9 standards of care at the heart of the approach and we believe that all young people thrive when they are surrounded by genuine care and unconditional positive regard.

Within the home, it’s important we provide consistency, routine, structure and appropriate boundaries allowing all young people to feel safe and be able to grow developing new skills. This is why it is important for young people to be involved within their time at the kestrel on how they would like the home to look, including their bedroom and have their own outlook.

We aim to provide a range of indoor and outdoor activities on a weekly basis, we want all our young people to thrive and develop in all aspects. We promote learning and life skills through our activities such as, travel training on public transport, budgeting at supermarkets, leisure centres promoting a healthy lifestyle, internet access in the home looking at jobs/bidding on properties. We also celebrate all festivities in the home and promote cultural needs through activities.

The Kestrel Details

Roma Mall – Home Manager

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