The May Is a semi-detached house located in the heart of Syston town centre. The house in a short commuting distance to local amenities and a bus route to the city centre. Locally, the young people have access to supermarkets, health agencies, leisure centres and other recreational and cultural amenities.

The home has been adapted to promote a family setting which provides comfort and care. We believe all our young people who coming into our care deserve the best, which is why no expense has been spared. At the May, 2 young people can reside in the property at one time. Our setting in the home is dedicated to ensure we work effectively and positively with all our young people, this is by inspiring them to take an effective role in their care and using their own desired method of communication.

The team at Happy Group are experienced, trained and committed. A staff member will be available in the home working a 24 period and supporting all young people to develop and promote their independence at 16+. The staff will work closely with all young people ensuring their interests are a priority at placement. When a young person comes to the May, they are encouraged to express their likes and promote this in decorating their bedroom. This is to provide a sense of security and comfort for all of our young people.

The May offers a range of activities on a weekly basis which all young people are free to participate and get involved. There are opportunities for all young people to develop their life skills through a range of indoor and outdoor activities such as travel training on public transport, budgeting at supermarkets, leisure centres promoting a healthy lifestyle and internet access in the home looking at jobs/bidding on properties. We also celebrate all festivities in the home and promote cultural needs through activities.

The May Details

Terri Haines – Home Manager

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